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The definition of food is any substance that is consumed to provide nutritional support for a living organism. Food helps us develop, grow; provides energy for daily activity in order to maintain life. The right to food is a human right; a fundamental right to be free from hunger. So, why has food turned into more than a necessity to live. Food has become a bad habit, an enemy, friend, comforter and even an oppressor; just to name a few. What is food to you? What is your relationship with food? Has food taken over your life instead of being a resource to enhance one’s well-being? Writetofood.com will be a place where you will be able to experience the ups and downs of having that RIGHT to food. A place where we can turn food into the original purpose it was placed here; the right to adequate standard living.


We LOVE food. Cooking nourishing meals to ensure or assist in health and wellness goals is our passion; our form of expression. Art is what you believe it to be and this is our form of expression. This blog is to provide and share that belief through recipes that you can incorporate in your personal life. DIY projects, product reviews are also an expression of art that we are excited to share with you.


This time period allowed me to start reading labels more carefully, monitoring portion sizes and simply doing more research on what was acceptable for human consumption and really exploring the different mental, physical and emotional relationship I had with food. This was my first time doing a complete overhaul of my diet.


I’m not a culinary or nutrition expert but I have always loved experimenting with new things that can be useful in my life. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and fuels my passion for creativity. Using what I already had available in my pantry, cupboard or fridge simple meals can be made that are customizable, nourishing and satisfying.


Emotional eating played a huge part in my developed relationship with food. It sabotaged my weight loss goals and wellness goals. This type of eating can turn into a habit, and like any habit it can be broken and turned into a positive action instead of a negative. Therefore, I decided to create a blog and named it writetofood.com.


Like any relationship, one may have, communication plays a major part in understanding. Communication in your relationship is about true connection and passion with the one you love(food). How can you improve communication? In this blog I will be Writing to Food, it is my right to consume food for the right purpose. Wellness!! We are all on a journey to better health & wellness and hope you will join us. I invite you to come along with us on this journey of complete wellness. Using the knowledge that I have gained through the years and I am eager to learn more if it will help you reach your goals.


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Candice Dotson is a married mother of a 16-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. As an extravert-introvert, she tends to have a creative side while still being conservative in the approach. Therefore, she decided to share a blog of some of her ideas that has inspired her on her journey.


A little more insight about my journey is that I know how it is to struggle with a relationship with food to where it has taken a toll on your well-being. Much of my yo-yo dieting came from eventually becoming bored with what I was eating and the thought of doing a “diet” as a task instead of a lifestyle. I’ve always turned to food even if it is considered a healthy option, when I was bored, I turned to food. I still struggle with it from time to time. ME+FOOD+BOREDOM=DISASTER!!


I think I was 16 when I started to take notice of my weight and appearance[obsessively]. I would buy weight loss pills or just don’t eat at all. After graduating high school, I decided to enroll in the military but didn’t meet the weight requirement exactly. SO, of course I was introduced to crash dieting for the first time. Throughout my time in the military, yo-yo dieting and having a quick fix mentality when it came to losing weight I was not on a road to wellness.


Despite all the trials I went through after serving and being honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, I managed to receive an Associates in Business, a Bachelor’s in Health Administration, buy my first home before the age of 30 as a single mother after a divorce but, kept gaining the weight. I was happy for the most part and blessed but never seem to settle down long enough to find out what Candice wanted. Therefore, I would turn to food, healthy or not…still food.


Years and changes in our lives can create unsustainable situations. Having a family can really challenge the ability to create meals that meet everyone’s needs, likes, dislikes and tolerances. Therefore, you try different methods to see what clicks. Usually when I get on a “health kick” it ends up being just me…my family usually moans, and groans and I’ll give in. But incorporating a Ketogenic Lifestyle in my family’s life has turned out to be a positive, uplifting and inspiring experience. We sat down as a family and discussed about our health but, accountability is needed to accomplish our health and wellness goals. We agreed to be honest with ourselves in this journey with each other.


Creating this family blog of our journey helped with working harder to reach and sustain the goals that we have set forth for our family. This is a journey of reaching and sustaining wellness; physically, emotionally and mentally.


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